You Want Your Business Message Remembered, You Want


Designing the concepts and implementing your complete SALES PROMOTION!
SALES PROMOTION: the application of the devices and techniques that creates


We are experienced in designing innovative approaches that achieve wanted business results. We are sharply focused on your objectives and put into action clear, concise strategies!

We listen intently to you and your staff. We apply what we learn from you and what we have learned from the promotion results of other clients. We work to offer you fresh perspectives and insights we believe will help solve challenges and problems

Create compelling reasons why customers should buy from you
Encourage customer response
Boost sales, draw new customers, retain loyal customers
Identify significant, current trends and match your capabilities with those trends
Clearly and positively set you apart from your competition
Persuasive communications reaching the right people, the right way, at the right time

The Sales Promotion Ideas We Create For You Will

Create a Unique Selling Proposition separating you from competition
Build unmistakable awareness for your business, products and services
Stimulate demand from your customers and prospects
Achieve a long-lasting, positive impression with new and old customers

Among the actions well design and consider with you

  • Create a timeline for promotions with continuity
  • Consider effective implementation strategies for:
    • pricing, incentives, referral programs, trade shows, seminars
  • Provide full cost analysis and assess future value
  • Develop a variety of proven distribution plans
  • Apply the most appropriate uses of technology

We can collaborate with you to provide

  • Copywriting for:
    • Newsletters, sales letters, proposals and presentations
  • Graphic design
  • Employee communications
  • Website content
You Want Your Business Message Remembered, You Want adsthatlast!